Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tattered Dreams and Freedom Fires

Well here it very first blog. What do I say? Something witty and charming?My mind is blank and my wit a dull blade. My adorable dog and cat are both snoring away as they smartly decided against waiting up for me. Alas, my bed is calling my half-opened eyes so this first blog will be just a quickie about yours truly (it is my blog of course).

I am 32 and a trauma ICU nurse. I am highly optimistic, truly stubborn, and have a soft sensitive spot for all things nature and furry (yes, I shave my legs and pits AND wear deodorant- except for discount days at Whole Foods). I have lived all of my life on the East coast, however am currently living in the lovely state of Colorado. I moved here a year ago and was instantly hooked. The people here are healthy, active, and full of energy! The plethora of trails to run, mountains to climb, and paths to bike from town to town are too numerous to count. Exercise facilities/yoga studios outnumber fast food restaurants 2:1, there is something to do every single season, and you couldn't spit five feet without hitting some sort of wildlife.


I have always been an "athlete" of some sort growing up. I always viewed myself as a tomboy, but my parents frequently remind me that I was the little blondie in the field picking flowers, doing cartwheels, and making daisy chains instead of watching for the ball. Not like T-ball was extremely riveting, I say in defense. I played soccer and rugby in college. I still continue to play an occasional pick-up game of indoor soccer, but my main love affair these days is trail running, adventure racing, and triathlon.

As far as racing goes, to date I have finished a handful of races I am super proud of. I finished a six day running race in Costa Rica in January of this year. It was so amazingly beautiful and was a chance to sort through/purge of a lot of painful things I have gone through in the past few years. Needless to say, I learned a lot about myself.
I also competed in my first series of duathlons and finished top in my division (that would be female fat-tire....and yes, I only had to beat like three other women). This year I finished my first triathlon, my first 24hr relay race from Colorado to Wyoming and back, along with my very first full marathon. I have a lot of work cut out for me if I wish to do an ironman, but my stubborness runs high and "can't" is not part of my vocabulary.