Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Downward Dog with Puppy Kisses

Attempted to do a new yoga video today but ended up with a mixture of deep belly laughs and wet willie puppy kisses.

I guess that is my fault for teaching Argos that when Momma gets down on the floor, it usually means playtime for pup!

I rolled out my yoga mat and tossed him something to chew on. He immediately picked the chewie off his bed and carried it over to lie on my yoga mat with me. Ugh.
After a few tries of picking up said chewie and placing it on his bed, only to have him trot back over and lie next to or ontop of me I gave up and just adjusted my poses to incorporate his lanky body.

Pose: Warrior one and two
Result- Dog licking bare toes with zest til there was sufficient slobber between toes to make my sticky mat not so sticky. Warrior One is now Warrior Sliding into a Split.

Pose: Downward Dog
Result- Puppy who thought Momma was playing London Bridge and did continuous loops in and out from under me while getting tangled in my hair. He thought it was hilarious.

Pose: Lotus
Result- large puppy head smack in my lap, eyes staring longingly up at me. He was accompanied by his new thoroughly chewed and soggy stuffed animal to barter for my attention. Very difficult to meditate with that.

Pose: Laying on mat in (attempted) deep release/meditation
Result- Hot and heavy breath in ear, followed by numerous wet willies, and a big paw in the face.
End Result- belly laughs. How the heck can I be upset at that! What a cutie. I rolled over, turned off the yoga video and proceeded to snuggle the little guy. My goodness he is getting big.

He reminds me every day how life should be taken in stride. The world is our playground- have fun often and only be serious when you absolutely have to be!