Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Breaking the Bordem (finally)

Went for a 6 mile trail run today down at Bear Creek Lake Park. This is a nice relatively flat trail course that has some pretty views and runs alongside a, well, creek. It has rained and stormed all day for the past two days leaving me stuck inside on the suckmill. Today's clouds looked ominous but refrained from opening their flood gates allowing me a breath of fresh air and valuable trail time.

I spent the morning taking Argos to a nearby lake where we practiced his obedience training. Wore that little pup out doing two laps around the lake with frequent training stops and just a touch of running. That kid LOVES to run...I can't wait til he turns six months to start doing little short runs with him. He is gonna be one helova running partner:) A tired pup is truly a happy and well behaved pup.

So tonight I tucked him into his wire GIANT sized crate- yes the boy has practically a condo in our bedroom- and headed out for my run with the Colorado Rocky Mountain Masters running group. They are basically a branch of the Denver Trail Runners that meets Tuesday nights. Only three of us showed and we hit the trail at 1730ish and returned around 50 minutes later- not too shabby!

I am trying to duplicate what I will be wearing and carrying for the TransRockies this August. Today I wore an UnderArmour tee, CW-X bra (so light I hardly knew I was wearing it AND no chafing- woot!), Pearl Izumi pink camo arm warmers, TNF flight trail shorts, Injini socks, Road ID , and new Salomon XA shoes. I carried my Nathan's Hydration Zone 2.0 stuffed with about a liter of water and my Golite Virga rain jacket.

Another logged run with the pack and I have got to tell ya, I am really liking this system. My rain jacket squishes perfectly in the front easy to reach clip pocket or in the shock cord without extra bulge. I still need to adjust the straps a bit to my liking but it has yet to bounce on me or create any sort of chafing. No ride up, no annoying shirt lift (where the pack subtly clings to the back of your shirt making it creep up and expose your backside which in turn creates an uncomfortable interruption in your stride by having to continuously yank your shirt back down), no chest strap squeeze or any sort of waist belt issues.

I see a lot of pics of runners with the Intensity hydration system and I have placed my review on this previously. I like things to be equal and symmetric. The Intensity has one chest pocket with a zipper and one (different sized even) that is just a cinch cord. That just throws me off entirely. I would be so focused on trying to stuff one side to match the other so I didn't feel like my boobs were lopsided that I would entirely hate my run. With the Zone, both sides are the same, so for me...a sane piece of mind.

I also solved my dilemma about wishing to use my camelbak bladder instead of the flimsy/leaky NH bladder. I did a little homemade jobber and can now tote my 72 oz camelbak bladder around inside the pack. Simply, I snipped out the little bungee chords for holding the NH bladder and sewed in a loop from some webbing I had laying around. I think it may be a hair too long but no real complaints and nothing I can't redo if needed. Here are some better close up pics of the Zone 2.0:

I love that the bladder is in a separate easy compartment so during aid station fill-up you don't have to unzip and dig into your main compartment.

And last to report...drum roll....

Tonight marks my first entry in my food journal. In just about every one of my magazines and online sites: Runnersworld.com, Clean Eating Mag (one of my newest favorites- if you haven't checked it out please do so. The recipes in it are super delicious), Cooking Light, Oxygen, Trailrunner, etc. the importance of keeping a food journal is being hammered into my skull. So, today I am caving in and attempting to take a closer look at exactly what I am eating. I think I eat pretty darn healthy with great portion sizes, organic foods, almost zilch processed foods, and heavy on the fiber:water intake. I don't drink sodas or juice and only have one cup of coffee a day. However, I would like to make sure that is the truth and not just a made-up fantasy I have going on to make myself think I am healthy.

Day one 2000 post run:
3 bicuits of Weetabix cereal (OMG I am addicted to this...and at 2G Fiber per biscuit my colon is squeeky clean)
1/4 c. organic raisins
1 c. Organic 1% milk (I weaned myself down from 2% but can't make the leap to skim, what is the point you might as well pour water on your cereal- yuck)
1 mug (1 1/2c) hot green tea with 1 tsp Agave

***Note-this will not be on my ongoing blog as I am sure there are much more interesting things to read about than what I stuff in my face. Plus if there are any non-runner/triathletes or (gasp) my family reading this blog they would be H.O.R.R.I.F.I.E.D at the quantity of food this chic can consume. Seriously. My food bill almost matches my rent per month and going out to eat is a rare occasion.

One last shout out. To Justin's Organic Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs. They are seriously good and awesome on hikes/camping and on trails. Plus with the added bonus that they are made here in Boulder, CO (right near Celestial Seasonings: awesome) what is there not to like. Justin's comes in several different flavors: honey, cinnamon, maple. AND if you want to mix & match OR don't like Peanut Butter (scandelous! You are not invited to my house OR be my friend) there is Almond Butter in the same flavors. Small individual packs perfect for lightweight snacks.

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STEVIE DEE said...

Have fun running with the puppy. And I hope your BF enjoys that gift! I hope he has a sense of humor....