Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Speedo Steve Fashion

Couldn't help myself....gotta post the toenail.

Colorado Marathon = one toenail race

I finally pried this off this morning after dealing with it's gross squishing noise and painful pressure. I usually just let it fall off but this one I had to break out the surgical instruments and go to work. It was so gross and finally peeled off with a sucking noise and had little bits of gooey slime attached- like something from aliens.

I let BF know that if he heard a thud to made sure I didn't fall out.

Quick race report: The Colorado Marathon in Ft. Collins was a blast. Started out chilly so I dressed in my CW-X (LOVE THESE) Pro tights, Hind Motion Sensor Sports Bra, UnderArmor Tech-T, Injinji socks, Pearl Izumi arm warmers, Windblocker lightweight gloves and Brooks Adrenaline Running Kicks. Added my camelbak waist pack filled only to 500mls with a tab of Kona Kola Nuun, a few packs of GU, a packet of accelerade, gum, and my new GoLite rain jacket as it was supposed to rain all race.

The clock started at 0615 and by about forty minutes into it I shed the jacket, tucked it in a nice little packet and secured it to my waistpack. Armwarmers and gloves came off shortly after and I probably would have been comfy in just running shorts, but the tights didn't get too hot so all was good.

I ran out of water by mile 22 so just grabbed water at the aide stations. I prefer to carry my own hydration so that i can just cruise through the stations and avoid the irritating chaos that happens at the water troughs. The nuun was perfect and after mile 22 I mixed half my packet of accelerade with an aide station water cup to throw in a bit of protein. I felt pretty good. Not a single port-a-potty visit THANK GOD so this was a totally different marathon for me than then last one. I did a short treadmill run and soaked in the hotel bathtub the night before. Ate only yogurt w/ granola and "safe" food, so my belly was cool and calm.

Finished the 26.2 miles in 4hrs 07 minutes (under 2hrs at the half marathon mark, so I totally felt like I underpaced not knowing what to expect of myself). I was hoping to get under 4hrs but whatev...I finished, am completely happy with my time, and still am walking right?! I was only a little sore but the hour drive home left me pretty stiff. Inhaled an entire meal of buffalo hot wings, a little bit of fish tacos, a little bit of burger, sweet potato fries, and such. (I won't go into messy details of my embarrassing feast.) Then promptly took a nap after being stuffed as a tick.

Got an hour massage by Kendra the next morning (heavenly) and by Tuesday I did a six mile brisk hike on a mountain trail with Argos. Down hills a bit harder than up but I was surprised at how less painful this marathon was than my first. I recovered quite well!

Biked to work last night and although I could tell a noticeable fatigue in my quads, I still hammered it out and biked home up the hills this morning. Leading back to the nail....glad it is gone- adios. Hope it never grows back. I am so tired of that same toe (on both feet) getting black nails and falling off. I am seriously thinking of getting them surgically removed. Can you really do that?
I know my shoes fit well- not too roomy in the toe box but not snug enough that they slam into the front. The injinji socks prevent the surface blisters super well, but I always get the super deep water/blood blister under the toenail on the second toe.


Hates hoops said...

At least it didn't require antibiotics like it did in CR. That was pretty nasty.

rUntoNamAste said...

Hi there. Took me a while to read this post, you know, having passed out from reading and looking at your black toe malady.

But I'm ok now, I hope you are too! Mega congrats on pounding out a great marathon and please do tell about that motion sensor jog bra. Does it keep the girls in check?

Dave said...

Great job on the run. Yes there are people who get their toenails surgically removed!

M said...

man, congrats on that marathon. you are an uber badass.

but dang, that toenail just had me revisiting the popcorn i just ate for dessert. good greif.

T. said...

Sorry M and rUntoNamAste....I figured it might turn a few stomachs.
As for the Hind bra- does a great job. I am a 34C and have a hard time finding a bra that doesn't feel like it's compressing my rib cage into my lungs but doesn't let the girls sway. I have had these bras for awhile and am just finding I have to think about replacing them- a bit stretched out. Unfortunately...Hind doesn't make them anymore and I believe they were bought out by saucony (?) If you search online it should tell you, any tips for another good bra if I can't find these?