Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let Time Stand Still

I am so behind in bloggie land. This month is whizzing by me I feel a bit nauseated from all the spinning. I see my life right now like those time-lapsed commercials where the person is moving in real time and life is darting around them like busy ants.

This weekend I headed up to Wyoming's Sinks Canyon National Forest campground for a little R&R with family. Each day I got a good run in with some major elevation/technical trails up to the beautiful water falls. I made a point to carry my NH pack with everything I would normally carry for the race.

One of the days I decided to get adventurous and started a mile down the road at the beginning of the trail, headed up to the falls, back down to the beginning and then ran up the road back to my campsite. 9.5 miles in all and I felt great! The best part was flying down the mountain from the falls. All technical, rocky single track with amazing views. Even had a lovely little slithery partner for a short few seconds of the run. I had many many hikers give me odd looks as I leaped by them all tech-ed out. At one point a woman stopped me and asked if I was a cop running with my K-9 (Argos was wearing a blue and black pack). I just answered seriously "I'm training." I let her decipher that whatever way she wanted.

(catching my breath post I am not puking)

Pup post run- oops I think I might have pushed him a bit far....

Monday, after I got back into town I headed down to Runners Roost Lakewood where John Vonhof from "Fixing Your Feet" was having a clinic. I had met him just a few days before at his daughters' house where he proceeded to give me a little one-on-one demo on foot taping. It was a great experience and what an amazing guy. He doesn't even realize what a legend he is in the running world. He taught me a bunch and I hope to carry that great advice with me through this next race.

Took the family out to Mataam-Fez, a Moroccan restaurant in downtown Denver. It felt good to dress in something other than wicking athletic wear, sneaks, and a ponytail.

It was a real neat experience with belly dancing, sitting on the floor with pillows, eating food with your hands, and drinking. A little alcohol induced deviance led to my slipping a few bills to family's 11yo nephew to put into the belly dancer's skirt. We all got a good laugh as little Matt sat entranced with a goofy ear-to-ear grin watching the dancer.

Today leaves me a little "me" time to run on the suckmill (unless family gets back early and I get to hit a trail), start laying things out for the race, and cleaning house. I bought a few more running shirts for the race...cuz ya know through all that mud and sweat you still gotta look cute:)

***new top running song: Kat DeLuna "Unstoppable"**** brings out 'the lioness'. hells yeah.


Fair Weather Runner said...

that sounds like an amazing run! your dog is adorable, what a good runner he is!

Sunshine Girl said...

You met THE foot guy? That man knows his smelly, stinking, bunioned, blistered, rotting runners feet!

Just found your 4 month old comment on my blog. I just had a look at the old posting to get me excited! And it worked. Hope your TR training is going well and let the taper begin! If you got any questions, just drop me a note.

I'm coming back to run TR for a third time. This time with a hot new partner- my husband Keith!

If you got an questions,


M said...

DANG!!! You look SMOKIN!!!!

Dave Chan said...

I love the photo of your passed out dog! Also, nice to see another runner wearing gaiters. I can't believe how many trail runners don't. I am the only one who gets crud in their shoes without gaiters?!

Trishie said...

haha, that pup is exahusted! I started trail running recently and it never fails to totally and completely HUMBLE me !