Thursday, March 11, 2010

TransRockies Race Stage V: Red Cliff to Vail

23.4mi/ 4407ft climbing
Finish Time 5hrs 44min

Let me start out by saying this was a VERY ROUGH DAY. There. I said it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery (especially at Top of the World), but my body just wanted to check out early and call it a day. Add that into the fact that there was a very rude runner who literally refused to take my picture at a very pretty point in the run. Yep....Refused. Said her partner was too far ahead of her and that she would be mad at her. Talk about a mood ruiner.
I paid that lack of generosity and sucking the fun out of my day by beating the pants off both her and her partner. Good 'ol Steph pulled through for me a the last few miles when I pointed the girls out and told Steph a brief summary of my encounter (Steph had been behind me during it). She kicked it into high gear and said, "let's take them down." Hells Yess! That's my girl!

Later, after the finish line, the woman approached me quite somber and gave me a very deep, heartfelt apology. I accepted her apology and threw an arm around her shoulders (but mostly because we beat her).

At the last aid station they had a "jam session" where they video taped us dancing. I chose to dance with one of the volunteer guys. Hey....I can't help it....

We limped into Vail and headed straight for the icy creek in the very middle of the "elite" shopping center. It was a beautiful town but the smell of money was so thick you could cut it....
The creek was the coldest of the week and it took me a bit to finally sit fully in it's depths. I stayed there a good 15 minutes til I was completely numb. We followed that with steamy lattes and a hot shower at camp.

Dinner was out of this world. Medium to Rare Steaks, grilled portobello mushrooms the size of your face, fresh grilled veggies, juicy pineapple, cold pasta salad, loaded baked potatoes, cookies, and appetizers you would see on the cover of Southern Cooking magazine. I ate so much I was stuffed and then I ate some more.
Roll me to the tent!

The last pic is of Steph shouting, "Look Thea- ROAD KILL!" It was her motivational nudge to try to get me back in the game. It worked....

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