Sunday, May 30, 2010

GC Pack Review

Salomon shirt
Moeben armsleeves, black
Injini Socks
CW-X bra and Capri tights (these were a super wise choice- prevented a lot of chafing and was great on compression to fight fatigue)

GoLite Virga Jacket
Pink/salmon colored Nike hat
small green machine ipod (I hardly used)
sunglasses (I hardly used)
SW hat, gloves, second pair of Injinji socks

NH pack with 2L bladder (figured I would only need 1.5L but worried that I might need more. This way I could fill it to 1.5L unless I found I needed more then I would have the capability to add up to 2L. HOWEVER, mid run, when I decided I should “fill up” I found that the NH 2.0 zone does NOT hold a 2L full bladder with a full pack. I ended up having to suck down as much as I could to stuff what I could back into the zipper. Next time I would just run with my 1.5L bladder.
Foot care kit, knife, emergency blanket, meds, extra hair ties, Petzl headlamps x2,  disposable wipes/toilet paper, special medallion from parents of St. Christopher (travel safe)

Stuff I ate:
pb & honey sandwich
bag of Boulder Hickory Smoked BBQ chips mixed with Garlic/Parm Pita chips
1 bag of honey stinger chews
one bag of GU chews
one mozzarella string cheese
1 pkt of apricot fruit leather
1 Bonk bar (pb&banana- I ate about half of but it was too dry and turned my stomach on the last four miles of the run. I ended up having to toss it and eat a GU instead)
5-6 GU gels

Liquid Gold
Granny B’s Sugar cookie with thick pink frosting and sprinkles (by far the BEST food item I brought)
homemade power bar which got consumed at the top of the N Rim (second best food choice)
Cheesy Garlic Breadstick from the night before (ate at Phantom Ranch on the way back- sat in belly too long, not a good choice)
1 Mounds chocolate bar piece
Two Nuun tablets
saltstick tabs

Stuff I ate of other people’s pack: Frito chips (delicious!!), peanut butter pretzels (too dry)

Stuff I packed but didn’t eat: 
pb & sandwich (threw away at N. Rim due to the mushiness of it.)
about half of the honey stinger and GU chews

2nd pkt of fruit leather
1 bonk bar (way too dry)
bison and cranberry bar
MOJO bar
about 6 GU gels,
GU recovery drink
mixture of trail mix- raisins, almonds, and four Mounds bar pieces
4 Nuun tabs (I was really liking just the taste of the h2o, and I started to swell in my hands)
mini Cliff bar
1 pkt Justin’s almond butter

Things I would change next time in my pack: not much….

Clothes- Maybe add a midlayer such as a light wind jacket that could go between rain jacket and base layer. There was one point at the bottom on the way back where I was a little sweaty and chilly but not chilly enough to put on the non-breathable rain jacket. Tracy had an armless wind jacket that looked like it would have been a good idea to bring just to get the wind off my body but still allow my base layers to dry a little.
Should have brought my spare Salomon shoelace kit: Steph’s Salomon shoelaces broke on the way off the N. Rim. This would have been horrible had John not been able to rig it up and tie it off.  I thought I had brought my kit with me but realized I had taken it out last minute to save weight.
I had a rough time with my basic Petzl headlamp that I had used to dress that morning and forgot to replace it with a second Petzl XP. The basic headlamp put out such a dim light I was tempted to just turn it off. I should have remembered to bring both of my XPs or one XP and my Myo belt.

Hydration/Nutrition- 1.5L bladder probably would have been sufficient, however our temps were near perfect for the run: moderately cool with a bit of a breeze (a little colder at the end with pretty significant winds). Had it been any warmer 1.5 L might not have been enough. My plan would have been to just spend a few more minutes at each station sucking down water before I filled my camelbak.
I also might have brought along a second small  (16oz) bottle that I could strap to the outside of my pack securely to mix powdered nutrition in. I do well with the Accelerade products (Accelerade, R4, Endurox) and think it would have benefited me to substitute/or add on top of some of the solid foods the powdered energy drinks. John did this with his Heed and Perpetuum. I wished I had thought of that which might have halted some of the minor cramping I had along with the ugh factor of having to shove solids down the hatch when I really didn’t want to. Also the use of the shake would force/encourage hydration.
Although I had plenty of food left over, I wouldn’t change bringing it. My energy stores were good and I never bonked due to food or hydration, however I might have needed more given the changing temps and time frame. More is better….

Also would have brought one larger zip lock to pack out my trash. I ended up stuffing wrappers all over the place until I finally finished my chips which gave me a zip lock to put them all in. 

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