Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rim2Rim2Rim: Part II

0230- woke up and started getting ready.


Let's stress a really really important fact here: This was Cowboys' very first exposure to ultra running of any sort. I had texted him throughout my jaunt during the TransRockies but this would be his very first visual encounter to the sheer insanity ultra running buddies up with. 

For example: 
-having to witness the "feeding" that occurs after such racing 
-the painfully slow robotic movements one must partake in to move three feet
-the pre-planning and strategic positioning one must have to raise and lower oneself onto the toilet
-the constant moaning, stretching, and loud pursed-lipped breathing one must do to conquer the pain that overwhelms the body
-serious distress of the gastrointestinal variety, need I say more?
-muscle fasciculations: google it.

Here's a clip that comes to mind.

These among many many others were going to be the true test to Cowboy's love. That's one hell of a run for an initiation right?! 
Runs such as these have weeded out my numbers many times before so deep down inside, I truly had a nagging fear for the loss of a very very good man by allowing Cowboy to tag along and witness my well enjoyed self-mutilation. Little did he realize how much I would truly need his help this trip.

Cowboy made me two packets of instant oatmeal (raisin and walnut) and a cup of black coffee while I dressed. I rechecked the basics of my pack, grabbed a banana, and climbed into the car. I rolled into the Bright Angel parking lot at 0330. 

After a mad dash of throwing my jacket (it was COLD) and pack on, fumbling a kiss to Cowboy (which I felt guilty for later on, wishing it hadn’t been so pathetic of a kiss) we sped off in a whirlwind of excitement down the trail.

This last pic was taken by Cowboy as he stood on the rim and looked down into the canyon. You can see a string of headlamps winding down.


JeffO said...

LMAO! That video was awesome. Very funny and close to home.
Watching others self-mutilate=wrong!
I keep saying "one of these days" for R2R2R, but I keep ending up with broken things and other interferences in life. But last I heard, GC isn't going anywhere, so it ought to still be there when things finally work out.

Kenley said...

New to your site here, but thanks for sharing that video. That was very funny indeed. Also thanks for sharing your running experiences such as R2R2R. Very interesting in terms of ultra running. Take care.