Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy As A Bumble Bee

I feel neglectful.

I have been so swamped with moving house, running trails, testing products/gear, wedding planning, organizing the final details for Trans-Alpine, and participating in a three day intense self-defense class that I have failed to keep my blog updated!

Quick run-down of my latest hectic goings-on:

1. I am finally out of the city of Denver and all it's retarded (yes, I said retarded) city laws. Gun bans, leash laws, can't walk and chew gum bans, and all it's silliness. The last straw came for me when a pathetic bike "law enforcer" who had nothing better to do with his day wrote me a $320 ticket for having my extremely well-behaved pup off leash. Let me explain....I had let Argos off leash at a city park for literally 30 seconds to dip his paws in the stream on a very hot day when this rent-a-douche pedaled his little tricycle over to me and promptly asked me for identification as he started to write me a ticket in his tactical bike gloves. I mean, really, are bike gloves required attire for pedaling three strokes around a park? His waistline negated any type of retaliation to the above statement.

I briefly considered delivering him a fake identity complete with address seeing as I did not have my wallet with me but, unfortunately, my mother instilled a fabulous conscience. I attempted to calmly and politely reason with him as he wrote me my $70 off-leash ticket declaring with a see-my-badge-I'm-God voice, "it wouldn't be ethical for me not to write you a ticket when I've been writing others tickets all day" bull-crap. How did $70 turn into $320 you say?

Well, as he was finishing my little pink slip he looked down, analyzed my boy's dangling man-berries, and declared him illegal for that too. Yep sho' nuff. In the city of Denver you are required to either spay/neuter your pet by 6 months of age or apply for an intact permit which is granted at their discretion. The intact permit requires you to fill out the application, wait for a person of "authority" to arrive at your house to inspect and meddle, and then wait again for their approval in which you will then pay an ANNUAL $150 fee followed by further inspections to make sure you remain in compliance. If you get busted, you have 30 days to comply with the above 2 options or your fine now can be $300 and third offense is $500.  

I am all about spaying/neutering for the overpopulation and stray issues blah blah blah, however, I do think there are certain circumstances around this. One being if you own a purebred with which you plan to breed to have your own pups; two being if your dog is going through personal protection training where those adult hormones are essential to their training (i.e. saving YOUR life); and the other is for large breeds. Large breed dogs do not fully mature until around 1 1/2- 2yrs old. By fixing them at 6months you are hindering their full potential. I disagree therefore with the spay/neuter rule for those exact reasons when it comes to my pup.So, $320 and a month of grumbling protest later I finally moved outside of the city into an area with extremely less anal laws and special needs law enforcers pedaling around.

2. I have been running as much as I can with all that's going on. I saw my very first rattlesnake since moving to the mountains a few weeks ago at Matthew Winters Park.

Did a few night runs with the full moon (my favorite)!

While visiting family, I explored Ann Arbor, Michigan's beautiful parks. After doing multiple boring as all get out loops while attempting to run on the side of the horrid paved trails, my mantra became "I love my Colorado, I love my Colorado". The parks are green and gorgeous, but nothing beats Colorado's rugged mountains covered in trails. The straight, flat, humid paved trails of Michigan grew tiring quickly and I had to dig deep to keep going. I did find a gem of a dirt trail tucked away quietly off one of the parks' parking lots. It was a nature preserve area that had two wooden bridges and a small island going out onto the lake. It was lush and overgrown with a thick musty earth-scent from the humidity. The trees grew tight and formed canopies over the trail. There were tons of little black and white dragonflies that would settle along the ground and then flutter up when approached. It became a delightful childish game as I cranked my music and ran as fast as I could along the path. As I neared and unsettled a dragonfly it would fly just in front of me for a short period then cut off to the side as another dragonfly joined in on the game. It felt like a silly game of dragonfly tag and I was the chaser. It did inspire me to run even faster as I tried to catch up to the critters. I left the park that day with my legs streaked in trail grit and a big grin on my face. I noticed a few Michigan folk gaping at this odd girl with a hydration pack strapped to her back covered in sweat sucking down gels. It was nice to visit family but it was a relief when I finally returned to western soil

3. Wedding planning has been relatively stress-free which, for me, equals excitement jitters mounting. With the big day one week away Saturday I'm finding the relatives are more frazzled than I am and I'm having to constantly brush it all away before it becomes infecting. I am determined to keep this as simple and laid back "fun" as possible with still having a bit of the wedding bling. My mind has been made up that there will be absolutely no rain showers or wedding drama next Saturday no matter what. If something doesn't go as planned, panties will not get in a wad, rather we will  improvise. Because that's how we roll...

and if drama occurs, this bad bitch will appear-

with a smile.

See you on the flip side.

                                                             My Awesome Dad and I