Saturday, August 7, 2010

Petzl Ultra Belt ACCU 4

After last night's glorious run, I did some thinking. I need a new headlamp. I own several headlamps for various purposes and all from Petzl. LOVE the company. 

I have:
TIKKA XP which I use for basic camping, not the greatest set of lumens but does the job, tucks away nicely, and batteries last forever.
TACTIKKA XP ADAPT- I own two or three of these puppies. They are my "go-to" light. I like them the best because they are lightweight, have a strap over the noggin to hold it in place esp. over a winter hat when bouncing around running, has a switch for an emergency flashing light, and has a slide plate to diffuse the light if needed. The light boost switch is great for identifying those glowing eyes you spot off to the side of the trail. It has a battery indicator light that lets you know when you're running low on juice- very handy. It also easily dismounts from the headstrap so that you can clip it onto your pack's sternum strap or hold it in your hand. It comes with a round disc mount for your climbing helmet and offers different colored plates for optional alternative lighting. The buttons on top are easy to navigate and press, even with gloves on. When I trail run I usually wear either this one or my Myo XP Belt and then hold an additional TacTikka XP Adapt in my hand to chase away the shadows that headlamps can create, giving me better depth perception. 
Myo XP and Myo XP Belt- I use the belt one occasionally on my head instead of the Adapt due to it's brighter light and noggin strap. The only complaint is that it is heavier. The belt option is great because I can slide the battery pack into the top compartment of my running pack and forget about it. It takes three batteries instead of two of the Adapt, and no color changing plates. The regular XP only has a single head strap and, due to the weight of it's battery pack, slides down my face while running. For general camping/hiking use it's perfect.

So back to my original question: I need brighter light and have been eyeballing the Ultra Belt ACCU 4...anyone use one and want to give me some info on it? Likes/Dislikes? Other brand options? At $500 a pop (*gulp*) I want to make sure it is a kick-ass light before I drop serious cash on something like that. I have found though, that a high quality bright lamp is worth the investment when you are out in the dark trying to squint at that rustling sound in the distance. 

I have looked and lusted a bit after the Surefire Saint but at only 100 lumens, my Petzls beat that hands down. I'm kind of disappointed that for such an amazing headlamp company, Surefire doesn't put out a top of the line high lumen headlamp. The Saint is their biggest and it falls short in both lumens and (from other trailrunner's feedback) battery life. 

I've contacted Petzl to try to learn more about the Ultra so I'll post as soon as I hear from them. Til then, help me out with some live feedback.

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