Saturday, August 14, 2010

Run The Rock 5K- Conifer, CO

Run the Rock 5K at Beaver Ranch in Conifer was a pretty fun course. I was hoping for more technical downhills after a handful of moderately steep climbs but they were more rolling and "easy" downhills. Blah. Overall good race with a fantastic start/finish lodge and super clean bathrooms.

I arrived at the race start an hour early so after packet pickup/registration I sat in my car facing the start line and just people watched. 

I love people watching. There were young and old, scrawny, athletic, and chubby. Couples, Moms with kids, high school track/cross-country, wifes cheering on hubbies, all sorts of people. I immediately picked out the sponsored clad elites: AKA those that will kick my ass pronto and sat there admiring. I got some good giggles out of some of the runner's pre-race routines and running attire. 

The last 5K I had done was on the treadmill with sucky weather, so my plan was to try to go as fast as I could and see where that left me. I stripped down to the bare essentials: no pack, no water, no GU (it's a 5K people...). I just had the shorts, shoes, and shirt on me plus sunglasses, ipod, and gaiters. That's about as light as I get. 

It was actually a weird feeling, borderline f****g uncomfortable. 

I have been doing long distances for quite some time now that my hydration pack with all the "stuff" in it had become just an extra appendage to my body. When I shrug it off my shoulders after a long run, in all its foul B.O. smelling straps, sticky used GU wrappers tucked in one pocket, and sweat soaked back I kinda feel like a piece of me is removed. 

***on a side note, I keep telling myself I should wash this pack. Seriously, it smells. Smells real bad like a boys locker room after a week of games. The funk is so thick you could scrape it off and shmear it on toast. Gross. However, every time I convince myself "just after this run, I'll wash it. After this run" I then get home and think to myself, "why wash it when I am going out tomorrow for another run. It'll just get stinky again." Maybe I should at least wash it before the TransAlps, or would leaving it funky be like a badge of honor: THIS is how much I've trained for this bitch. 

Anyhow, what this race taught me? I need to work on my speed drills. BAD. Granted, I wasn't horrible, but I felt I could have knocked off at least 2 minutes to my time. 

3.1 miles of decently rigorous climbing and casual downhills in 28 minutes isn't shabby for a trail run. Horrid for a road run- FOR ME (i'm not judging anyone else but myself), but not too bad for a trail. I am going to work on some drills for a bit and attempt that 5K on my own to see if I can do it in 26. 

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Sunshine Girl said...

Oooo. I'm terrified of short and fast. I'm afraid I'm going to pull something, strain something or tear something. And it's painful. Are you still going to Trans Alps this year??