Friday, August 20, 2010

Tenacious T.

TENACIOUS [tuh-ney-shuhs]:
1. holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold
2. adhesive or sticky; viscous or glutinous
3. holding together; cohesive; not easily pulled asunder; tough
4. my loogie, after 10.13 miles 

Yesterday, being as hot as it was, was gym day. I spent and hour and half at 24HR Fitness and was literally dripping sweat off my face when I was done. I started out with a 5K on the suckmill hitting that belt hard core. Then I focused on doing some serious upper body lifting. 

Helloooo delts and traps, It's me, T. 
Tricepts, bicepts, forearms, and pecs [gangsta nod] nice to see you too. 

Today, however, promised to be a cooler day which gravitated me towards the outside and onto the trails. 

I decided to head a bit into the mountains for even better weather since by the time I actually got up and out the door it was mid-afternoon (I never claimed to be a morning person).  Elk Meadows was calling my name from Evergreen, a trail I had always passed by but never ran before. I was up for something new and exciting. 

Wait, what you say? I should be tapering and chillaxing? 

I say Nay Nay....

So, with the pup loaded up and pack full with water, twenty minutes later I was at the trailhead and my car thermometer said 74 beautiful degrees. 

Gorgeous dahlin'!

I scanned the map, stuffing an extra one in my pack, and chose a direction to start. I figured once I met a cross-roads I would choose each way as it came. We started on Sleepy "S" to Elkridge to (left on) Meadowview to Bergen Peak Trail out to the overlook. It was a steep son of a b*** and I found myself being worn out quick. Admittedly I hiked-jogged it as soon as I hit Bergen Peak was rough.

I was frustrated at my lack of energy. Mind was in it but body was holding back. I finally deduced it to be dehydration. I was so gosh darn thirsty! There was water sloshing around in my belly but my lips and mouth were parched. I wanted to suck down even more water but knew from the sloshing sounds that all I was going to do was make myself puke if I added more water to the surplus already in my stomach. 

So I took it kinda easy on the ups knowing with utter bliss that what goes up must come down (yay for downhills!). The trail was pretty rocky with loose gravely-sand mixed with pine needles, not a lot of dirt until you hit halfway up Bergen Peak Trail. Then it turned into soft packed dirt and pine needles. Closer to the top it became rocky again and tall stoic aspen trees shaking with the breeze. The trail was delightfully void of people. I only met about four or five bikers and only three or four sets of hikers. 

Bergen Peak (the tippy top)

On the way down I came to a trail intersection with this sign:

So, of course I had to take it! Map said it was strenuous (yipee!). I had to see how long is "too long". It was a delight to fly down, although I could see the PIA it would be to climb up. That said, I think both ways (Too Long vs. Bergen Peak Trail) were a beast to climb and relatively similar distances- pick your poison. 

Too Long Trail was moderately technical with multiple switchbacks leading out into a meadow. Hence the next trail named (left on) Meadowview to (right on) Founders Trail leading me back to the parking lot. I had run out of water by mile 8 (geez, that was a first) and was seriously contemplating stealing the dog's last few mls of backwashed water so decided to cut the run short instead of doing the extra loop on Painters Pause Trail. 

Wildlife count was two bugs swallowed on the way down, a squirrel, a deer, two elk, and a few birds. 

On the way home, sans water, I stopped at a gas station and literally guzzled a 24oz Sweet Tea and a 12 oz V8....and I am still thirsty. yeah, I'd say dehydration was my enemy today.

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