Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gore-Tex TransAlpine Trail Run: Stage V

Kasern-Prettau im Ahrntal to Sand in Taufers
33.8 km (21 miles)- originally supposed to be 29.5 km but race director increased mileage due to a landslide
Vertical Distance: 1503 meters ascent, 2098 meters descent
Total Time: DAY OFF

"Always providing a view of the mountain chain of the Zillertaler Alps in the North, the 5. stage of the Transalpine-Run, with an altitude difference totaling 1500 meters and a distance of nearly 30 kilometers, leads into the heart of the Rieserferner group of mountains in the South of Ahrn Valley. On this stage, too, the route expands into alpine territory and is second to none when it comes to scenic beauty. After a short downhill stretch to Durra Alm, the long cross way to the southern slopes of Rein Valley delights runners with perfect running ground. The unique climb along the Reinbach waterfalls toward Sand in Taufers wraps up this beautiful stage."- TransAlps website

Today was the first of two days off. I was in a foul mood to say the least on having to sit out but after much weeping and restless (or lack of) sleep I gave into my body and listened for once. I had attempted to get out of bed to pee during the night and found it near impossible to walk. My leg pulsated and the skin tight. I limped/dragged myself to the toilet where I could inspect my leg better without waking Stephanie. I was scared it could be compartment syndrome, but after checking my leg thoroughly I felt pretty convinced it was ok, but just needed rest.

It was cool and foggy this morning, as I sat out on the deck I could see a castle in the distance. It was very intriguing and mysterious! I took it slow and hobbled around town today to see the "sights" as much as I could. Unfortunately, my day was disappointing. The town was tiny so the stores were kind of boring, very expensive, and I didn't feel like being very tourist-y. I think it was mostly a mental block as I have never had to sit out of a staged race before and I would catch myself negative talking a lot. Mix that with a tremendous feeling of isolation and sadness that I couldn't even make a phone call to my family or cowboy to talk out my distress because I couldn't understand how to use the payphones here in Italy...well, I was just a peach to be near I'm quite sure.

Unrefrigerated eggs! Interesting....

Yummm deli meats.
To pass the time waiting for restaurants to open for dinner, we lounged in bed and watched tv. We couldn't understand a thing but we did find Star Trek to be incredibly amusing in Italian. We laid there making up hilarious story lines as to what was happening and what people were saying. It was the first time all day I think I laughed and smiled.
We found an awesome Italian restaurant to eat at and sat with our new friend Linda (her husband Jerry was the one that ran with us the other day). This bread dumpling soup was AMAZING. I want to find the recipe to try it at home. It was large meatball type of dumplings consisting mostly of breading, spices/herbs, and flecks of "speck" or prosciutto I think? So delicious! The broth had very mild flavor until you cut into one of the dumplings. The broth mixed into the dumpling and bam, there was a beautiful blend of flavors. Sooo good.

Gnocci to die for. Seriously. I dub this the BEST MEAL EVER. As in, if I were to ever have to have a "last meal" this may just be the one I chose. The gnocci lived up to their names as pillow fluffy goodness. They were nestled in salty olives and a flavorful tomato sauce. A sprinkle of cheese on top and wow. I could have easily eaten two dishes of this.

Linda and Jerry (from Cali)- great people 

Lederhosen- wow these were pricey!

Very odd staging of a store front. what are those kids doing??!!

Awwww, Made me miss my pup so much. self pity and life really doesn't suck much. Not at all. Even though I was injured I honestly could not refuse the fact that I was in Europe with grand views, awesome food, good company, family and friends at home cheering and loving me, and a pretty damn awesome life.

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mtnrunner2 said...

What amazing scenery, but also what an endurance test. Holy cow!

That shot of breakfast with the "meatloaf" (I can't find it now) was pretty funny to me, because I just don't get the European breakfasts, other than pastry and coffee. I think once I got jam and a slice of ham. WT...??

One of these days I need to go back to Europe for a beer/run/food-cation.

Great series of posts.