Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After many many frustrating days, I finally have gotten a few pain free runs in. The leg still swells a bit after a run and feels "twingy" in the joint and along the right side of the shin, but it is all manageable. I am planning on getting it x-rayed....sometime.

Shortly after I got back from Europe, I volunteered for a local race. A half marathon trail race where Argos and I served as the sweeper and clean-up crew. Argos wore his pack in which I stuffed the race mile signs into and picked up flag markers and such. It was fun but a long day...I ran a little here and there with much satisfaction.

The last two weeks I have gotten in some light runs:

Mesa Trail was a gorgeous out and back with beautiful signs of the changing weather. Leaves golden and red, wheat colored grasses, and a wonderful crisp smell in the air.

Matthew Winters was run a couple times with great results. I did well on the climbs and only needed a few walk breaks. Each time I was there, however, a rattler was seen. Today Argos and I did a fabulous ballet leap over a HUGE rattlesnake. It was horrifying to say the least. It was ginormous and very green. After we vaulted over it (both of us going too fast to stop quickly) I turned around, my hand on his pack to hold him steady, and stared at the snake. It suddenly sprung to action and hissed up a storm, it's rattle spinning out of control. He was full of piss-n-vinegar and was ready to strike. My heart was pounding and it took me a good few minutes to recuperate from that adrenaline zing. Holy cow that was close.

N. Table also had a baby rattler on it but it was dead and dried up in the parking lot. Geez-us, I have never seen so many snakes before!

I have been testing out Liquid Gold product and am, so far, very pleased with the results. I will spend more detail reviewing this once I get a few more runs under the belt. For now, back to the TransAlpine review.....

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