Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Argos' Trail

Spent yesterday discovering a new(ish) trail over at Apex. It was low 40's with a slight breeze- enough for me to throw on a thin long sleeve, but still warm enough for my cw-x stabilyx capris (I 'heart' these). Started out on Apex Trail up the hill and then swerved off onto.....

Yep, Argos Trail (and yes, Argos approves!)

I noticed the new addition sometime this summer but never ventured onto it. Today was the day and I admit it's a very nice trail. It is definitely going to be put into the rotation as it's good switchback climbing  training for the big ditch next year. Not unlike lower Mt. Falcon it climbs, climbs, and climbs some more. The views are slightly dull on the climb compared to so many of the other trails in the area, but not too shabby. The ground is fresh soft dirt, smooth and mostly even- excellent for letting loose on the downhills (although careful on the switchbacks as my shoes skidded out a few times trying to corner too hard *grin*). Argos Trail connects to Pick 'N Sledge Trail and then Grubstake Loop (at least the way I went). Once on PNS Trail, the path becomes a bit rockier, although still very enjoyable.

Grubstake Loop is surprisingly an amazing trail. The previous path held views of mostly dried out grass and desert-y fields with the city of Golden/Lakewood in the distance. Once you got onto Grubstake Loop you curved around the mountain into a few lengths of shaded wooded path- I love wooded paths. 

I took PNS Trail back towards the Argos Trail. If I had more time I would have taken Sluicebox or Hardscrabble down to Apex Trail and ventured up to Lookout Mtn. I have always taken the Enchanted Forest back down and never gone to Lookout, so that is something that will have to be done in the near future. 

Once I connected back to Argos, I took a quick right down to Apex Trail, turned around, went back up (for extra mileage) and then back down Argos to the parking lot (tail end/beginning of Apex Trail). All that totaled six miles in about an hour. Not too shabby for all that climbing, map navigating, and stopping to let bikers/hikers pass. 

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