Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble *Burp* Gobble

I.      Am.      Stuffed.

As much as I tell myself not to overeat, it is always a struggle to turn your back and downcast your eyes upon so much delicious food. Friends who put in so much effort and time to cook such a wonderful meal, it would be almost sinful not to indulge. Thankfully, I don't tend to be an emotional eater and I know when to say when (except Thanksgiving) so getting stuffed to the maximous doesn't happen often.

Got home early this morning from work and headed straight to bed knowing full well 1pm was going to arrive way too quick. I was going to cook my newly crowned favorite recipe: Pumpkin Streusel Bread for the Thanksgiving feast Cowboy and I were to attend at our Colorado family's house by 4:00. Cowboy got home shortly after me and we spent, as we usually do, way too much time chitty-chatting and giggling about our nights while snuggled up in the cozy comforter. I finally got to sleep and sure enough, what felt like an hour later my alarm was chiming in my ear.

I threw the ingredients together (baking and pureeing the homemade pumpkin a few days ago helped speed this process up significantly so that I could use fresh pumpkin-yum!) and tossed them all in the oven. I made two loaves to take to tonight's meal, a loaf for each of us to take to work to spoil our coworkers, and a 9x9" to see how the bread turned out "coffee cake" style. With just a little bit of batter left in the bowl, I couldn't toss it out. I pulled out a mini loaf pan and filled it. I have no idea what will become of the little guy but I am really not concerned it will go to waste as I witnessed Cowboy jokingly attempt to steal the little bugger into his pocket. After all that pumpkin-y goodness the house was smelling divine! A wave of nostalgia swept over me as I remembered the smell of my mom's baking during the holidays. I missed my family but also submerged myself in the delight of spending my first holiday with my husband.

I was able to sneak in a treadmill run, a simple 5K "sprint", while the bread was baking. This is how it went:

Toss the stoneware loaf pans into the oven, slam the door, set the timers and dash upstairs magically transitioning from corduroy jeans into my running attire along the way.

Hit the incline to 2% and throw that baby into high speed #7.0 (I think that's about an 8 min mile pace?). Flick the switch on the ipod and away we go. Heart racing as I keep glancing at my bread timers and increasing my speed to #7.5. I was so distracted by the timers that my stride felt easy and I rejoiced in going fast!

8 minute timer dings, I hop of the treadmill (placing it in "pause") and dash downstairs to check the bread.

mmmm. smells so good...put bread back in oven, reset timer for another 8 minutes and dash back upstairs. Jump back on treadmill, switch the ipod back on, and pound another mile out. Repeat.....

After 3 strong miles the bread was done, I was in full sweat, and I was ready to FEAST! Show me to the stuffing!!! (Yeah I am much more of a stuffing girl than "the bird")

Our Colorado family presented quite the amazing spread, as they are known to do. Turkey, ham, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy...I am sure I am leaving something out here. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING tasted gourmet.

The Pumpkin Streusel Bread went over fabulously with coffee and all were happy and stuffed. It took a great effort to get up from the table so we all just sat around chatting lazily. There was definitely much to be thankful for and I soaked it all in.

Back to work now, ass dragging and eyes heavy. My bed is calling me and it's only midnight...I do not look forward to tomorrow's drive home through the misery of insanity called Black Friday. Seriously, this day should be renamed to "How America Shows It's Ass Day". Remember the year they had that massive Walmart stampede? Elmo dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids...this year if I hear the name Bieber one more time I am going to vomit on the person standing next to me.

I ventured out once....long long ago, on this fateful day and was appalled. Appalled I say. Truly appalled at the behavior of man-kind. Adults were acting like toddlers screaming "mine" and throwing temper tantrums in aisles over barren shelves. Children, in plain site of their parents, were running up and grabbing toys and such out of other people's carts. People shoving and being ruder than my ears would tolerate. It was sensory overload and I swore I would never ever go out shopping on this day ever again. I like to try to keep the hope that most individuals, if given a chance, are mostly decent and "good". Recalling the screen shots in my head of that day goes against that notion in a very big way.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all and please be responsible, polite Americans as you push through the crowds tomorrow in search for your bargains. For me, I will be happily sleeping the day away tucked down deep in my covers.

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Dave Chan said...

I like your renaming of today's madness. Also, I second you sleeping in today.