Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Napping House

After Sunday's snowy run I took Monday off to be lazy with the husband, bake homemade bread, and stuff my nose in books at Borders with a Chai Latte in hand. Today we were lazy again for the first half of the day- sleeping in until near 10:00 and then taking a nap a few hours after eating breakfast.

Cowboy and I had aimed to go take the dog out for a walk and Chuck-It in the park. After showering and starting to get dressed somehow we landed back in bed, me with one sock on and one bare foot, slumbering the day away. We had both felt pretty lethargic all day. Maybe it was the temps in the teens, a dry calm chill to soothe us into staying in the coziness of the house or the after effects of night shift work.  I don't know but it was as if a cloud of sleepy potion settled about the room and suddenly the two of us, the dog, AND the cat were all snoring away. A picture reminiscent of the book "The Napping House". It was magnificent to great proportions.

Two and a half hours later we all woke, wiping the drool from our cheeks, and gazing about the room in a "what happened, where am I" moment. However, we both agreed we felt 110% better so we must have really needed the sleep. After walking the pup we had a bright idea: let's head to the gym. The weather was too cold and the day light was fading for any significant productivity.

We failed to recall that it was a mere eleven days post new years and the emerging of (as one of my blogger buddies calls them) "resolutionaries". We opened the doors to the gym and were met by what can only be described as The Ant Farm. Little bugs crawling all over the gym equipment. Huffing, puffing, stepping frantically while hanging onto rails, poor body mechanics left and right, and everyone had a Nalgene in hand. It was frightening. We walked slowly over to the treadmills for a warm-up and, for the very first time, I had to WAIT. I know I have been spoiled as this is usually a normal occurrence for some, but I really try hard to hit the gyms with the least amount of members without skimping on the novelties.

Cowboy, seeing my slacked jaw gently, lovingly, and wordlessly, took my elbow and started to steer me back to the door. I stopped, snapped my jaw stubbornly, and told him I would wait. Us going home to my treadmill would do him no good for a work out and that would be selfish of me. I would wait.

One treadmill sat lone and empty on the perimeter's edge. A few people climbed up onto it's platform, punched away on it's dash, only to step off with irritation. I had seen this before and had a light bulb moment. I walked up to that treadmill as one frustrated girl got off declaring, "that one doesn't work!" and stepped on up to that treadmill, ignoring the "line."

Side note: Was that bad of me? Am I really a major "gym rat" douchebag? Who declares there must be a line anyways, there's no rule or sign...I takes a treadmill as I sees it and recommend everyone else does the same. And yeah, I'm that person that ignores the dumb 30 minute rule in a gym stacked with treadmills and doesn't wipe off my equipment- it's a flipping gym people, there is sweat everywhere and that is the wonderful glory of it. Breathe in the funk...it's aromatherapy for the soul.

Cowboy stood there looking at me as I reached down to the base of the treadmill and swiftly hit the Power button. The treadmill sprang to life as the display lit up like a carnival and motor purred.

Some days I amaze myself at how fucking brilliant I am.
I take lessons from my cat.


rklipinski said...

The Napping House is one of my favorite books, too. Four of you easily fit on the bed!

M said...

a. those are THE BEST kinds of weekends. kudos for sleeping it up!

b. my thought about months january through march in the gym are similar, and i must also be a gym douchebag because as much as i support people getting the sweat on and improving their lives for the better, its hard not to feel like i deserve some treadmill seniority, especially after all the hours i have put in year-round.

is that rude? maybe. and its not really all the people that bother me - rather, its the general lack of knowledge of gym manners that drives me bonkers - especially when people just stand on machine talking on cell phones or take my treadmill even though i followed the rules and signed up for the machine ON THE BOARD LIKE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO!!!

grrr...I just keep telling myself that March will be here soon enough...

SuzRocks said...

Ha! If people are too dumb to know to turn it on, then you deserved it. Although, I would most likely be one of those too dumb to know where the power button was in order to turn it on.