Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is it a trail run or a hike?

It reached a balmy 37 degrees at the house today and I could think of no excuse to keep me inside. That and Mr. "Whiny-Pants" Argos was driving me nuts. One thing I have learned through the years is the breed tends to be excessively chatty. Not all, mind you, just most. He will talk talk talk and talk some more. Usually in the form of whines varying in pitch and degree but also in howls, grunts, moans, and barks. Toss in a few acrobatic leaps and head shakes there too. He is not a nuisance barker by any means, but when he's got pent up emotions that he just needs to get off his chest, he nearly explodes. Don't even get me started as to what happens when I put on my jacket to run an errand, or worse just pull out a single article of running gear. Good Golly. The amount of excitement and happiness in this dog is unbound. Drama King I say.

I truly have created a monster in this pup. 

I accept fault for this exercise-addicted dog, I do and my love for him is unmeasurable, it's just sometimes I want to avert my eyes, snuggle back in bed, and play possum. Except then he (upon hearing the potential of me being awake) shuffles directly to my side of the bed, sticks his cold wet nose under the covers, and pokes me a few times as he whinnies like a horse. I thought we had out mastered him one day when we cleverly put our bed up on risers.  He simply solved that obstacle by standing on his tip-toes (seriously can dogs do that?!), thrusting his chin and neck up onto the bed to reach me, while letting out a desperate whoa-is-me-life-is-so-tough sigh. I think he practically choked himself out in the name of waking me. He wasn't technically getting up on the bed, which he is forbid to do, but he managed to do everything but. 

Then he just hung there quietly.

By the chin.

Staring at me.

I couldn't help but giggle in adoration, reach an arm out to pet his massive noggin, and smooch him on the nose. 

So today we headed to Green Mountain to play. I picked Green Mountain for it's notorious high traffic of hikers, bikers, and runners. I figured of all places to go (my other pick was going to be N. Table Mtn) this would have some good hard packed trails with all the snow we received over the last week. 

Laugh...not so much luck.

Hold on. Let me pan out for just a moment to get a better idea of this nasty wrench in my plans:

Ha ha. Yeah. Well...

Determined to have fun and see it as a challenge I continued on my quest for a trail run-hike-post-holing adventure. The snow was quite deep, sometimes knee deep if I stepped wrong, but we trudged through at a moderate pace. I saw some footprints vaguely in the snow ahead of me but I am not positive we were on any actual trail per se. As in most things in life I say "Create your own path and tracks!" And so we did.

There was a slight breeze at the base of the mountain but as we climbed the wind started tearing into us. It was very very windy at the top but I was headstrong and committed to making it to the tower.

I tagged the post to the left victoriously.

We pivoted back around and promptly headed for a much needed downhill relief. This went a bit faster, although we still paused here and there for pictures and videos.

"Look Momma, a coyote friend!"

Argos was chasing his own snowball avalanche. I got an extra laugh at sending him up and down the hill several times to wear him out. 

And my favorite picture of the day


mtnrunner2 said...

What a great day it was. Today too. After the past few weeks, 35 and sun seems like summer!

Love the picture of Argos sitting in the snow.

I'm sure the dog-talking gets trying at times, but ultimately it's a good thing. Back when I had cats, one time I got annoyed at my cat complaining. Turns he was seriously ill, didn't know what to do, and was simply trying to get my help. Boy, did I feel like a total schmuck. So, in cases like that you want your pet to talk to you!

JeffO said...

I ran 7.2 on South Table Thursday night. Post-holing the entire way. It was awesome! I'm not ready for summer yet.

SuzRocks said...

Wow. Just looking at the pictures makes me cold! But how much fun did Argos have!