Sunday, February 20, 2011

Signs of a Fabulous Trail Run

Status post trail run at Apex- mud up our thighs...

Went to the gym early morning with Cowboy meaning to work on arms but gravitated towards the treadmill. Not sure this was the greatest idea since I already had planned to hit the trails after the gym, but...
Just over three miles later plus some sit ups/push ups and the trail was calling my name (or maybe that was Argos's excessive whining to get out on this lovely day). Mtnrunner texted me, said he was throwing on his gear, and would meet me at the trailhead. Sweet!

Starting out, we passed two ladies just coming off the trail. When asked how the trail conditions were they replied "Muddy and Snowy with a little ice." 

In unison I replied, "I can handle mud!" just as Mtnrunner said, "I can handle snow." It elicited a chuckle from all. I guess between the two of us we were prepared for anything. Unfortunately, my last run snapped my YakTrax and I hadn't gotten some new spikes for snow/ice running. I figured I would wing it and walk where I couldn't run. Mtnrunner had brought along his Kahtoola spikes (see pic) and strapped those on immediately. 

The trail proved to be tough yet invigorating. A good fun hard run. I knew I was going to be slow due to the gym workout but decided to go as much as I could. That proved to be not as big of an obstacle as the ice was. At many points along the hills I had to nearly crawl on hands and knees so as not to slide off the side of the trail. It was a bit frustrating, especially seeing Mtnrunner ahead of me cruising with no issues. Arrg! I knew to not get impatient and just take it slow, glad that I was out getting on the trails even if I was hiking a bunch. If I let my stubbornness take over I was sure to slip and tear something. I cursed my procrastination on getting some spikes and just kept moving forward on the skating rink!

Mtnrunner would run ahead then come back every so often to check on me. I felt burdensome being so slow but a little grateful that he was making sure I wasn't lying in a heap somewhere half broken. 

There were a handful of areas that cleared out onto dirt and hard packed snow, giving me relief from the ice and making me really enjoy the run. Mud splattered all over me and I could hear the pleasurable slapping noise my feet made in the muck. I remembered at one point, years ago, how I was fearful of getting my feet wet and getting blisters. After more running experience mixed with John Vonhof's book, I fear mud, water, and snow no longer. I get a thrill in running through the stuff. 

At the end of the run, Mtnrunner and I high fived each other for a wickedly fun run. We both were covered in mud, including the pup. 
7.81 miles for me (total for the day = 10.81), Mtnrunner had over 8. 

In other adventures, I tried more of my Amazing Grass products. Pre-run I drank the Berry SuperFood in 8oz. water.

It was palatable but not my favorite of the bunch. I have a tendency to stay away from "berry" flavored things. I like my berries individual: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc. Once they are mixed they lose their unique flavor and kind of taste like cough syrup to me. That said, I'll still eat berry flavored items but I just don't go out of my way to chose them. 

Post-run I drank Pomegranate Mango Infusion Amazing Meal in 10oz water for a good healthy 10g protein and 110 calories. A little skimpy on the calories for a post workout meal but I figured within another hour I would have a "real" meal so this in-between recovery drink was perfect. 

I really enjoyed this one. It still tastes green, mind you, but if you don't mind the greenness then the mango flavor really kicks your taste buds in a good way. I liked it and would drink it again. I could imagine tossing it in some orange juice maybe even with a banana, or adding in a touch of vanilla whey powder for an extra protein boost and making it taste like an orange creamcicle. 

I felt super healthy after a day of exercise and healthy eating. I topped all this off with a homemade bison burger on a whole wheat bun and a light caesar salad. I was maxed on greens today!

Lastly, post Gudy Gaskill run here I met Cowboy back at the car. He had worked up an appetite and dipped into my emergency snack pack that I keep in the car. One of those items happened to be an Amazing Grass Berry SuperFood Energy Bar. He saved a good chunk for me to try. He raved about it stating "I was a little nervous when I first unwrapped it and saw green. But that is really good! I'd carry more in my pack."

I bit into it and agreed, it was good. Again with the berry thing, but it was indeed tasty. 

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mtnrunner2 said...

Great run, thanks! And I'm glad someone was at the lot to take a picture afterwards.

That one spot near where Enchanted Forest merged into Apex (I think) was like a frozen waterfall. Crazy. I ran it the first time, but didn't risk it the second.

Good time. Later...