Saturday, July 16, 2011

3 Sisters again (times two!)

Alright. I am really getting to love this trail. Here are some more pics. 

Run #1: 

 The pup was sore from the previous day's run, so he and Cowboy got their own trail time of hiking while I ran. I was ok running solo up until here. It was a bit back-country feeling and these deserted buildings were just increasing my sense of isolation. I could hear banjos playing in my mind. Creepy, creepy banjos. 

 You can't fool me, I've seen this movie. You know, the one where the girl gets kidnapped by creepy hillbillies with stringy greasy hair, bad teeth, and deep southern accents. Banjos people. Banjos.

 Wouldn't mind living there. Nope not at all.

Run #2: This run happened Tuesday. I made sure the pup went with me this time 'round.

 I nearly ran into this elk. Argos and I came tearing around the corner when we almost head butted this big girl(?). She lifted her head at us, contemplated charging us (at least that's how she looked), snorted, and slowly trotted off. 

I called my Grandma here. 

Grandma: "Where are you?"
Me: "I'm on top of the world, Grandma! I'm on the peak of a mountain I just ran up!"
Grandma: "Of course you are honey, where else would you be?!"

I asked her to pray for me on a few things that were on my mind. This is truly serious stuff, asking Grams to pray for something. My Grandma has a history of some extremely powerful prayers. She has a prayer group and when they all get together, shit happens. 

One example of many, when my parents were visiting her, she was feeling sad and really wanted them to stay longer. She prayed and the next day (they hadn't left yet) my parent's car broke down. Yeah, you don't want to mess with Grams, seems she's real tight with the big man upstairs.

Finished 7.5miles with the pup and joined up with Cowboy and the in-laws for some Da Kind Soup in Evergreen. If you haven't been, you HAVE to go. Their soups are amazing. You can even combine soups for a delicious invention such as my favorite: tomato mixed with roasted red pepper, and their sandwiches are top notch. I recommend the Basil, Mozzarella sandwich with a sweet balsamic drizzle or their Reuben. 

To. Die. For.

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