Saturday, July 16, 2011

Runnin' and Runnin'

July 2: Leadville Marathon

Fabulous race, a little suffering from lack of sufficient training, but overall it was a great run.

Ahhh Good 'Ol Provin' Grounds to make the world right. 

Sawatch Backcountry- my FAVORITE store here in Leadville. They hand make these glass pendants that are gorgeous and well-priced. I have made it a tradition now to purchase one every time I run a race here as a memento. It's just a really cool gear store.

The hill that never ends...heading up to Mosquito Pass. Breathless, literally. About here I reached an epiphany in my life. I will talk more on this later...


Epiphany happening, right here.

Mosquito Pass- Conquered.

Feels great to be heading down.

After the race I was going to camp out near the trailheads of Mt. Massive/Elbert with intent to hike/run Massive in the morning and Elbert with Cowboy the following day. Unfortunately, as I drove through the area of potential camping spots I recalled it was the 4th of July weekend and people littered the area en masse. It was ridiculous. In fact, one spot I pulled into greeted me with a nearby gaggle of Mexicans circled around one old toothless dude playing a banjo. I can't make this stuff up, seriously.

I found one off road campsite that was relatively human-free. I pulled in and rolled down my windows to test out the solitude. Just then a series of cracks and pops rang out indicating the beginnings of a firework celebration. I swiftly rolled up the window and pulled back out towards the roads heading home. This was NOT the peaceful zen-like atmosphere I was searching for post race. 

On my way home I pulled off the road to capture this:

Seriously I live here? It's one hell of a beautiful state.

After this, all tense irritable feelings were lifted and I proceeded back home in better spirits. I picked up Chinese food from our favorite shin-dig and surprised Cowboy with a promise to get out camping at a later date (not near a holiday!). 

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