Friday, August 19, 2011

Rainbows, Unicorns, and Puppy Dog Kisses

I recall someone once telling me that a) prince charmings don't exist (this was followed with a snide "good luck finding yours") and b) life isn't rainbows, unicorns, and puppy dog kisses.

I disagree completely.

For one, I've definitely found my prince charming and I'm a lucky lucky girl. Second, right now life sure feels impossibly wonderful: like rainbows, unicorns, and even wet sloppy love-you-with-all-my-soul puppy dog kisses.

For once in my life I actually feel like I belong. I am doing everything that I love, I have a great job, my health is better than it has ever been both mentally and physically, and I have an amazing family and circle of friends. Life is fucking beautiful.

My trail runs have been increasingly satisfying. I have vowed to adventure out past my usual front range paths and into the mountains more, pushing my distance too. I want to explore all I can of this wonderful state. I am not above driving an hour for a good long mountain run. I feel so alive lately.

Sometimes mid-run I just stop.
And look around.

I take out my ear buds (which I've been wearing less and less of except on some high adrenaline downhills where I just want to rock it out and fly) and stand there in a hushed state. My brain literally buzzes with adrenaline as sweat drips down my face and off my chin, sometimes I can feel it dripping down my belly and sides soaking my shorts. Everything looks greener, brighter, happier. Shaking aspen trees, long grassy fields dotted with wildflowers, or snow-capped mountains; it all awes me. Sometimes there are elk, deer, fox, squirrels, birds, marmots, or coyotes watching me watch them. I take it all in and it makes me smile huge and be extremely thankful for the life I live. One day I won't be able to do this. I used to say "one day I might not..." but that is just silly talk. Sooner or later (hopefully much later rather than sooner) I truly will not be able to do this and that is a matter of life. Whether it be age, injury/accident, or disease, I won't always be in the health I am now and I can sort of accept this. For this reason I wish to do as much as I can now, to see all I can, so that when my "down time" happens I can look back at it all and know I have lived.

Two weeks ago Cowboy and I sold our television. It was a great feeling.

We never watch it except for a rare rental movie here and there. It's not even hooked up to any cable. We catch our news and a random movie on our computers so the tv just sat there in the corner of the living room taking up space. A lot of wasted space. We lounged on the couch one day in silence and just stared at the big rustic tv cabinet trying to make up our minds what to do with it. Within a few short minutes and a little apprehension we both came to the conclusion: let's get rid of it.

A week later we sold it on Craigslist, cabinet and all. In its place we purchased a large gorgeous bookcase with heavy sliding beehive glass doors. We moved our growing book collection from our smaller bookcase (which we thought was big at the time) into the large one and sighed with contentment. It was a beautiful thing we just did. If you didn't know, we both love books and I've been reading more lately than I have ever been (if you don't count my childhood in which my nose was literally stuck in a book 24/7). Along with that bookcase I've started collecting children's books. Who knows what the future holds...

Along with my trail running, I'm hitting the weights more and I'm getting back into eating healthier too. I started putting Chia seeds in my meals and shakes. My favorite quick go-to shake is simply pulpy orange juice, a scoop of vanilla whey powder, and a Tbsp. Chia seeds. It really quite delish- like a orangecicle. Hey I should try freezing this in a popcicle tray (note to self: need to put popcicle trays on my wish list).


mtnrunner2 said...

>"Two weeks ago Cowboy and I sold our television."

Funny, I've thought of doing the same thing. I do still have my poverty-level cable service, but it's for the rare occasion I want something other than a movie to watch. SNL can be really good.

Mainly I keep the TV for movies, which I see in 45-minute slices over dinner. Ha! And DVDs of good TV series work too, since they're only 45 minutes. I've been enjoying Tony Bourdain's No Reservations episodes lately.

But the rest of the time... for people living out here, come on! It's Colorado!

WildChildT said...

Do IT! We don't miss it at all and if we want to watch tv/movies/news we have the laptop.