Friday, January 13, 2012

Best Life Motto EVER.

My mother-in-law (yeah, I'm the super lucky girl with extremely cool in-laws) posted this on my FB today and I absolutely love the motto, not to mention the awesome expression on the pup's face. I think I see that every time I take Argos out on a trail to run!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slip Sliding Away at Gudy!

After quite a long and sporadic hiatus from trail runs due to holidays, working a lot of overtime, sketchy snow storms, and construction projects at home (we insulated the garage) I finally got out for a glorious run at Gudy Gaskill.

Back track a few days....
Got home from work the other day and was in the front yard getting my "welcome home" love from the pup when we were approached by two unleashed wandering huskies. Argos, of course, immediately extended his love as the welcoming committee. When I crouched down the two dogs jumped over to me all happy happy. One had a collar, no tag. The other a tag! I ushered the gang into the back yard fence as I called the number on the tag. 

The guy on the other end informed me it was no longer his dog but his buddy's. What the heck? Who gets rid of their dog?? I jest a little as I can see certain situations where there may be no choice. BUT I correlate the owning of a dog with having a kid. Getting rid of your dog is, to me, like passing off your kid to someone else. Not cool.

After I finally got the real owner on the phone, he told me his dad was on his way to pick the pups up.

I couldn't help but to snap a few pics of the gang playing:

 The b&w husky was so small. I've never seen a tiny husky like that.

 This picture makes me laugh hard. These dogs are having entirely too much fun and their crazy excited eyes show it. My luck they'll be back here again tomorrow.

Cool pups but sooo glad they aren't mine. They both kept bouncing and then pushing off on me. I gave Argos a big "thank you so much for not being a jumper" hug.

For some reason, I have a real attraction to strays. Ever since I was little they would always show up at my door and then I was compelled to rescue them whether it was a dog, cat, bird, bunny, men... I must have a radiating aura.

Yesterday Cowboy and I finished insulating the garage. What a job! 

Hanging an OSB ceiling = not fun. 

Donning a super sexy plastic "bunny" suit, chunky plastic goggles that brought me back to my h.s. chemistry days, a N-95 respirator, and a headlamp then crawling up into a teeny space to blow in fiberglass insulation = surprisingly totally fun! 

I had a blast even though my back felt the strain of wiggling on my belly and being curled into an oompa-loompa crouch position for awhile in the tiny crawlspace we created for an attic. Once Cowboy and I got straight our "knocks" to communicate to each other, I crawled into the ceiling, he turned on the machine, and I starting blowing. It was like a winter wonderland as white fluffy insulation blew around me. I've stapled the rolls of pink fiberglass insulation before and this was, by far, more exciting than that. I thank my friends for warning us what a mess it could be which spurred a last minute purchase of the marshmallow cream puff suit. I am grateful for the whole adornment which kept the fiberglass itches at bay!

With the garage taken care of, Cowboy released me into the wild to get a much needed run in! When I left the thermometer showed it was in the 60's!!! By the time I got to the trailhead, a bit more into the mountains, it was in the mid-50's. I found it funny that I was able to wear shorts in January while running in snow. 

Argos sliding and rolling in the snow as soon as we hit the trail.

 Yay for shorts in snow!!!

 obstacles to leap over, woot!
 Peppermint stick GU. I nominate this my third favorite flavor.

 Sun setting- Golden/Lakewood in the distance

Universal sign for: Don't Eat This Snow

 What's a little blood in the mix right? This happened on the side of the mountain, a little too narrow single track where the snow made my foot slide off the embankment into some rocks. I don't think I even stopped running as I slid until much later when it started to sting.

Three hours of trail running and I was loving every minute of it. Argos started tiring out the last few miles pushing me to head back to the car. Back at home, after a nice hot shower to wash the salt and crud off me, and I'm a very happy girl.