Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snowshoeing at Walker Ranch

I gathered my girlfriends yesterday and headed out for some snowshoeing at Walker Ranch! It was their first time snowshoeing and I wanted to make sure it was a great experience for the three of them.

After a few clothing alterations (ladies just say no to cotton and micro-socks in boots) we piled into the 4Runner with a Skybox full of gear. The girls had rented some Tubbs shoes so I had to give them the low-down on the fact that with the Tubbs strap system, they would probably be having to stop frequently to retighten their straps (a major complaint I have encountered with their "quick lace" system) and to not let that dampen their experience. Great shoes for first-timers, especially if that was all they had to rent for a really great price, but not ideal for shoes to own if you want to be a frequent snowshoer.

We arrived at the trailhead to find there was only a driving loop plowed and three cars in the only parking spots available. I tried to park next to one of the cars which was partial snow drift only to be promptly stuck; even with my four wheel drive my tires just spun. After some good laughter, we decided it would probably be smartest to dig myself out now instead of after snowshoeing when we'd be tired. I plucked out my handy collapsable Black Diamond shovel and started to dig. I thanked myself for being so prepared...

I also had a small scoop type shovel (the kind you can lash onto your backpack in the backcountry) that I slid under my other tire to gain traction. It all worked and with a few helpful shoves by the girls I was out. I parked in a better spot and we geared up.

It was a chilly 20-something degrees out but we all warmed up after the first few hills we climbed. Everyone started peeling off layers. Argos skipped ahead of us excited to be outside again.

My "sisters from another mother"- I love these girls with all my heart.

Finally back to the car, girls are still smiling after about three hours of snowshoeing but very exhausted! 

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