Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snowshoeing with My Honey

 Beginning of the Trail

I love this man!

Argos was instructed to keep on high alert for kitty cats. The big ones...

 Love my MSR Lightening Ascents

 Happy Pup!

 I was told a bench was at the end of the trailhead. Thinking this was a very anticlimactic ending after a big uphill climb in snowshoes, I then realized this was not the bench at the end...

This was the bench at the end...and well worth the climb.

Bunny! Argos had no interest in chasing this little guy (he usually has no desire to chase any wildlife though he will whinny and alert me to it). He sniffed and kept walking. What a good puppy! 

 So, I just have to ask...if a bear can sleep up to 200 days, can you just imagine what that first morning constitution upon waking would be like? Or maybe even worse, a bear fart? Whoa buddy!

 I would like to build my house right here and fix up this barn! Chickens!!!

per hubby: interesting that their "fine" for carrying a firearm is illegal per state regulations. Unfortunately it would cost thousands to fight and win that in court. I disapprove.

Fabulous three hour hike with my favorite company and it's always wonderful to see Argos so happy and excited about life. We promptly headed to our favorite sushi bar Zen Mai in Boulder  for some Z9, Gladiator, and Firecracker Rolls (to die for) with toasted brown rice hot tea (sigh, love this stuff).  Finished the night curled up watching a rental movie. I love my life...


Hundewanderer said...

Pretty scenery... it looks like a very nice day :)

Flier389 said...

Love the pictures. I have not been snow shoeing in years.