Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snowy Trail Run with the Hooge

Ok, wow, I'm way behind on posts.

A bit back my awesome running partner Paul Hooge (seen here and especially here) invited me to a snowy long trail run starting from his front door in Boulder, over to Eldorado Canyon State Park, and back. After several delicious freshly baked cookies from his super cool wife, we headed out somewhere around 1100. Kahtoolas secured and water bottles filled we stepped out his front door and started running. It is hard not to feel the slight pangs of longing to be able to step out of your door and run up the side of a mountain. That right there is a little slice of heaven in my humble opinion.

Paul warned me the first little bit was going to be trudging through some heavy deep snow but I was all for it. My spirits were high and it was going to take a whole lot of cold and nastiness to dampen them.

 The back of the flatirons- who knew?! I believe Paul said this was Bear Mtn. I definitely want to run this!

 Stopping by the creek for a picture. I'll bet this is absolutely stunning come summer.

 "It's a little steep ahead," he says," don't slide off the cliff"

WOW this was awesome. I love technical funky trails. I'll bet this is a beast to climb without the snow. 

 We found some semi-snowless boulders to sit on and paused for a little snack. 

 We were headed way over there to the railroad tracks! Somewhere around this time we started getting knocked around by some seriously strong wind. The gust would plow into my side and make me stagger mid stride. It was brutal up on the ridges and I kept myself sane by listening to music.

We took a bathroom and snack break at the visitor's center a few miles after this sign. The heat blasting on me upon entering the building was nauseating but soon warmed me up and made me cozy. Thankfully our trail headed back up a nice incline to keep my body warm and adjusted well being back into the cold. By this time my legs were really feeling the impact of sliding around in the snow. The spikes were awesome but didn't prevent the occasional post hole or side slide resulting in accessory muscles jumping in to play and keep my balance.

The last big climb to the house. We were both tired and chilled after 15/16ish miles of good running. Paul hit the hot shower while his wife and I submerged ourselves in the hot tub with a recovery drink. Ahhh this is the life. 


Hundewanderer said...

I LOVE the photo of you by the creek. I want to move to Colorado, and live right THERE :)

My Honey and I are talking about where to live next and even though he's already lived in Fort Collins (in a previous life where I didn't exist), I whisper in his ear while he's sleeping "Colorado, Colorado, Colorado".

WildChildT said...

I'll try to send subliminal messages his way from me too! I would love to have a fun hiking partner for both me and the pup!