Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evening at White Ranch

After getting a little chickie love  (yep we have chickens!) Argos and I went out for a good evening run at White Ranch. Right as we headed out the gate, we came across all those horses roaming free.

This one wouldn't move out of the way, so I obliged, curtsied, and went around the big guy saying, "Excuse me Sir" as he continued to munch grass without even looking up. Technically it's his land so I really didn't mind at all.

The weather was perfect if not a touch warmish as we headed up a new direction. This time we took Belcher Hill Trail to Mustang Ranch. I love love love Mustang Ranch trail! It was lush, damp, and green! This is my favorite trail so far in this open space park. Unfortunately while still on Belcher Hill Trail I came across this critter.

Mr. Rattler

ICK! I hate snakes (to be fair only the poisonous ones I loathe). I really dislike their slithery selves and the scary damage they could do to my fuzzy-butted four-legged buddy.

It always gives me a major running buzz kill for the next mile or so. I start stepping very slowly and delicately as my eyes scan ahead hitting on sticks, roots, and rocks while my brain is screaming "Identify!! Identify!!" I feel like Robocop scanning good guy, bad guy as each object rapidly becomes framed in a lighted up red box then turns green as I tell myself, "ok that's a stick, that's a root, that's a rock..." It's a nuisance and gets me all jacked up on wasted adrenaline.

Last week I ran right near a huge flaming orange-red, black, and white banded snake at the end of Mt. Galbraith. I didn't know what kind it was but it kicked my heart up a few beats. The wise internet led me to believe it was just a "milk snake" and non-poisonous. I scared him as much as he scared me however this Mr. Rattler holds his ground and gets himself all pissed in a wild noisy tizzy. I hate rattlesnakes.

We continued on but I sure wasn't going to return back down that trail. I continued on Mustang then crossed over the two parking lots at the top then came down Longhorn Trail to Whippletree Trail and back onto the beginning segment of Belcher Hill. All in all great trail run that ended right at a cooling dusk.

Wildlife seen: 3 young deer, one rattlesnake, one fluffy bunny, one hawk, one woodpecker-nuthatch birdie thingie, several cyclist (domesticated), and a couple bugs (swallowed).

Now belly is full of homemade Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers and enjoying a little bit of liquid heaven in the form of Stash Tea's Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea (with a golden dollop of my dad's North Carolina honey) while I wait for Cowboy to come home and curl up with me. Sigh...life is absolutely wonderful.

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