Monday, July 30, 2012

Mt Bierstadt Run

 The start...slightly chilly 0730 (was shooting for 0600 but when you have a lovable husband snoozing with his bear-arms curdled around you, it sure is hard to crawl out of bed away from that warmth). Cowboy hiked while I ran.

Goal: Mt. Bierstadt (top right) 14,065' 
 Argos and I- time: 1:43 up

 Summit Cheese! I shared half with the pup.

 Argos' favorite part of the run

Chillin' in the back hatch of the 4Runner with Argos, waiting for Cowboy to return while watching the clouds, feeding some little birds Triscuit crumbs, and thinking about how wonderful life is.

Total 7.75 Miles in 2hrs 53min (not including some slight stopping moments to let hikers and their dogs by etc). Overall I'm happy with my time. It's the tail end of the day and I'm not sore which tells me I'm doing well with my fitness for my upcoming race. I felt I could have pushed myself just a tad more but it was the first time I'd run Bierstadt so wasn't sure how tired I would get and therefore kept some in the tank. 

Cowboy had a great hike and came in all smiles, chatting it up with some other hikers. Unfortunately he did not summit due to storm clouds rapidly approaching but he came pretty darn close. Close enough he started to get summit fever and replied to me as I paused for a smooch on my way down, "We'll have to visit this mountain again this year so I can get to the top!"


Hundewanderer said...

Beautiful scenery. And, you're amazing! You're going to make the TRR just another walk in the park :)

JeffO said...

I just did Bierstadt Sat.