Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TransRockies Take Two!

It's been a bit over a week since I got back from running the six day staged trail race across a beautiful mountainous section of Colorado. My partner and I placed sixth in our division and we're pretty darn happy about that. We ranked 9th last time we ran this in 2009, so sixth is a good place to be not to mention neither of us were even slightly injured or beat down. Steph had some serious altitude adjusting issues the first and somewhat into the second stages but seemed to dig deep and burn through it. Overall we had so much fun, to be honest, probably the most fun in all the races we have done together. We had communicated and discussed our goals and expectations multiple times throughout the months leading up to the race that when the race day came we were laid back and chillaxin about the entire thing.

I couldn't tell her enough how extremely happy I was to have her as my sidekick through these races. She is, by far, the most positive and outgoing person I know and love to be around. We nicknamed her "The Voice" this time around due to her constant attraction to chatting with anyone, anywhere, anytime. I'm a bit more anti-social on the trails as I enjoy becoming lost in my own thoughts, music, or the soothing environment (nature) around me. I will chat with others on occasion, mostly when the incline has slowed me to a hike, but I am pretty selective with who I chat up. We teased the hell out of her the entire week but frankly, we meant it all in the kindest way. We (myself and the other pair of runner-friends we headed to the race with) love her to pieces, even with all the chatting. She is truly the best running partner ever.