Friday, October 12, 2012

Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass

 Loved this run.... (pic from MtnRunner)

Hooked up with my good friend, Karl, who I met in TransRockies 2009 as well as MtnRunner (check out his post on the run here) for a 25 mile trail run from Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass. Neither of us had done this run before so we were psyched to tear it up. Cowboy hiked with the pup while we ran.

 Karl said, "Pose!" as he took this pic. This was all I could come up with... I'm such a girl.

 Filtering some ice cold water. Upon research of this trail I couldn't find any good info on water sources but saw lots of biker bloggers complaining they ran out of water. I have no idea how this happened as creek crossings were in abundance! I had carried one bottle plus a full 1.5L bladder and my purifying tablets. I did not need that much water on my back.

 Mount Guyot (Mtnrunner in top right corner)

It was cold at Georgia Pass so we headed back right away and followed Jackson Creek Trail (beautiful trail!). Here we stopped for "lunch". I swooned over my summer sausage and Gouda cheese.

We passed a certifiable cowboy and his wife riding horses on the way back to Kenosha. He had the kind but stern face, handlebar stash, big hat, chaps, and kick ass boots. He tipped his hat at me and said, "Ma'am" as he passed. I would have instantly tossed my panties at him had I been wearing some. Karl educated me in the importance of always carrying a back up pair just in case for such reasons as this. Thanks Karl for the lesson...notes were taken. 

The day was perfect, even with a little snow sprinkling at the top of the pass. My first trail run with the UltrAspire Surge pack: gear write up soon but bottom line, I absolutely love this pack.

We stopped at some local BBQ joint on the way home and scarfed down some delicious ribs, collard greens, mac and cheese. 

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Hundewanderer said...

Silly girl. Your panties comment literally made me LOL :)