Monday, March 18, 2013

Product Review: X-1 Momentum Headphones

Why am I so excited over these new in-ear sport headphones?

Ladies!!! Hear this:

Specifically designed for women, X-1's Momentum headphones have solved my long standing issue with headphones: small ears. Although there are a multitude of headphones/earbuds out there, and believe me I've tried them all, they are definitely engineered for the average male and haven't taken into account us ladies with much smaller ear canals.

Too often I would have to pull out my earbuds mid run and massage my throbbing ears from the pressure of the buds. It threw a wrench into my fun party on the trails. During my multi-day staged racing events I would sleep with my earbuds in to drown out the camp noises. I would wake up the next morning with my ears so sore I couldn't stand to touch them let alone listen to music the entire next day's staged run. Miserable.

Then, the makers of earbuds came out with the interchangeable rubber ear tip pieces. This was ingenious but still did not fix the fact that the main speaker part was still very large! Although it didn't fix the complete problem, the tips provided a much longer comfort period for me and this type has been the earphones I have been running with lately.

Introducing X-1, the makers of Women's weatherproof/sweatproof earbuds that are ultra-small, lightweight, and allows ambient noise for safety. They are also reflective and iPod/iPhone compatible with a small remote and microphone built in.

Pretty sweet packaging.

The earbuds have several interchangeable ear tips so you can customize your fit for the best comfort. I tried three different tips before I settled on the small foam buds. These are extremely comfortable, don't slip out when I sweat, and create a great seal without compromising the awareness of my surroundings.

I really like these earphones. They have an adjustable mini clip by the base of your neck so that you can clip the dangling wires to your shirt, bra, or pack. This way they don't bounce around in your face and if you need to remove a bud or two you can just pull them out of your ear and tuck them in your pack's chest pouch without having to make any further adjustments. When you want to put them back in, they are still clipped to you! No extra rummaging around (which is important while racing: efficiency).

I've sweated all over these buds and haven't had a single issue with them. No static, no slipping and sliding in my ears, and no waxy build-up. I also dig the cool subtle splash of color options: white, pink, purple, teal, or blue.

The cord is thin, soft, and flexible. My current headphones were also fabric bound but if anything touched the cord while running (like brushing up against my neck or shirt) I could hear it in my ears. Also, the fabric bound cord eventually loosened to where the inner rubber cord punched through like a hernia in several locations. The Momentum's cord is much softer and I do not anticipate these same issues.

I have one extremely minor complaint which really doesn't add up to much of a complaint: I wish the bass and volume was a little more intense (they rate an IP4). I love a good hard beat while I run and these buds are just slightly light on the beat. That said, the buds were designed to allow ambient noise so that the runner can still hear her surroundings and stay safe on the trail, road, wherever. I get this and actually think it is a genius idea. With my other buds, unless I was on the treadmill, I had to run with one bud out so that I wasn't tuned out to the world's alerting noises. Being on trails I have to keep an ear out for other runners coming up behind me and announcing their pass, bikers rounding the blind single-track corners in front of me, walkers, hunters, cougars, bears, and rattlesnakes (eek!). As much as I love to have that bass pounding in my ears supporting me up a hard climb, my safety and courtesy to others is more important. Come summer, rattlesnakes are usually heard before seen and being tuned out is just careless.

Overall awesome earphones: love them. They are now my permanent running earphones.

So ladies and fellas (X-1 has buds for you too) go check them out. They even have waterproof buds for swimming and triathletes.


Trishie said...

AWESOME! I have been looking for new headphones! (I had cheap-y ones that worked fine but crapped out due to sweat). I tried the yur buds but had the same problem as you - the speaker itself is the same size as the regular iPhone buds and hurt my ears. Will give these a shot!

Hundewanderer said...

I'm so glad you found a pair you love for your petite ears :) I have an old pair of Shure's I love and I've bookmarked Yurbuds as a future possibility.