Sunday, April 28, 2013

Apex Trail- Snowy Wonderland

Last week we got hit yet again with a load of snowy weather. Although most of us in Colorado are groaning over the ever rising false hope of summer followed by getting kicked in the balls with snowy weather in the 20s, I tend to rejoice in the little things. Things such as silent trails and breaking new trails (being the first to run through the snow). Here was my 9miler at Apex, I wore running pants and a t-shirt with Zoot sleeves. No need for a jacket, the sun was glaring so brightly off the snow I had to put my special snow lenses in my sunglass frames, and I only slid on my gloves for the first few miles to warm up.

 Not a footstep in sight

The "Enchanted Forest" trail was stunning. It was so silent and beautiful. Every few minutes some snow would be knocked loose from atop the trees and slowly cascade down in a billowy cloud. It was breathtaking and I had to stop many times to just stare and feel happiness in my soul.