Friday, April 5, 2013

Snowy Trail Run- A Bit of Bliss

Tuesday's trail run was with a good friend and her pup at Deer Creek Canyon. It was a perfect trail running day: 10.5 miles while the snow was gently falling around us in big fat flakes and licking our eyelashes. The run ended in a muddy downhill, as is usual for DCC this time of year. It was so much fun. The "kids" were happily running ahead then circling back to check on us. Argos dove in the snow a few times and Denali bounced around playfully. I got to share one of my favorite trails and we successfully avoided the park patrol officer who had been seen frequently at the bottom loop.

I felt winded a little too easily (very frustrating) but given my lack of intense exercise I had been so used to lately due to my IVF treatments and restrictions I had to allow myself a little slack.

We ended the perfect day at DaKind Soups to knock the chill that set over us post run. Hot tea, delicious soup, and a melty sammich!

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