Thursday, July 11, 2013


It's been too long I know...I have been so slack (life gets in the way sometimes) on keeping up with my blog and I've got a handful of new adventures to document!!!

Unfortunately, I'm away from my computer at the time and cannot give you a full breakdown of all my trail adventures but I will leave you with a quick update as to what's been going on.

1. I ran at the new Staunton State Park here in Pine, CO. 20 miles of beautiful trail. Will give you a review on that with the route we ran, and what to expect in terms of water sources for purifying etc.

2. I was able to cheer on one of my BFFs while she killed it at her first trail race: Leadville Marathon (holy crap what a choice to make for your very first trail race- that's what I call some serious BadAssery). Surprisingly, this was also my first ever time at a race where I wasn't the one racing! I was on the flip side of this show and lemme tell you, it was crazy fun. I had brought my chair, a book, and a few nibbles to keep me preoccupied as I knew I would have long stretches to wait before she would run into the aid stations. I sat in that chair for a combined amount of five minutes. I couldn't stop cheering for everyone. As I saw runners come in elated, crying, pissed, dancing, high-fiving, and getting hugs and refreshments from others all I could think was, "I have been there. I know every single emotion they are all going through" and I felt bonded with each and every one of them.

3. I have run two new-to-me fourteeners in the last two weeks, one of them being Colorado's highest peak Mt. Elbert. I'm about to run my third with my awesome running partner Stephanie and my running friend Karl. I love exploring more of my state and  pushing my body to new limits.

4. Tried some new gear (Zoot compression wear) and nutrition (locally owned Tailwind Nutrition) so will be giving you a run down on those goodies too.

So, be patient with me, the blog will happen in due time.

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