Friday, July 12, 2013

Staunton State Park

Staunton State Park our route:
Mason Creek Trail- very nice, slightly difficult gradual uphill, some forested. All along a creek- complete water source

Old Mill Trail- from our direction ALL downhill, fun, slightly rocky

***Scout Line Trail was closed***

Staunton Ranch Trail- if you like hard dirt fire roads this is for you. Me? Meh....I could't wait to get off it. Overall nice though. All uphill climb, tons of people (most likely because this is the shortest route to the falls 10 mi out and back. I would rather run the extra miles on other trails than to take this one all the way up). Water source on left if you bushwack a few yards.

Climbing Access Trail from north-most point- FUN. there are a few branches off this we didn't take. big rocks

back up Staunton Ranch Trail- see above

Bugling Elk Trail- continuation of Staunton Ranch Trail. Fireroad. gets pretty near the big pond. We stopped here on the way back from Lions Back Trail and had a little snack, purified water, and soaked our feet for a few minutes. Freezing water felt amazing.

Lions Back Trail (out and back)- pretty decent climb to a waterfall overlook in the distance. They are working on getting a trail that meets at the bottom of the waterfall. That should be really cool.

Marmot Passage Trail- super nice forested trail, probably one of my favorites.

Border Line Trail- difficult, switchbacks

Mason Creek Trail- see above

David's Pond Trail: 1st loop Pookha Loop

Total was 20 miles. I wore my UltraSpire Spry pack with two handhelds that we purified along the way. I think we refilled three times as it was really hot. Water was always ice cold and delicious. A small handful of dogs and not too many people (though the park is only a month old so nearly brand new). Pit toilets were at the Mason Creek Trailhead as well as a water pump. Lower parking lot had two port-a-potties and the David's Pond Trail (hint: you have to cross the road to the left to get on the trail). We didn't go all the way to the pond but the trail loops were easy and this is where we saw a lot of people at.

Water was plentiful and the staff not real knowledgeable about this fact. I asked at the main (paying) entrance of water availability and she looked at me like a deer in headlights even after I rephrased it inserting the word "creek". Seems she wasn't aware that people (runners, bikers, etc) often purify their water so they don't have to carry a 5 gallon tank on their back for an all day outing.

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