Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Running with Baby

So yeah, I'm a horrible blogger and wildly distracted lately. I'm 5 months pregnant as of tomorrow and my energy has many peaks and valleys. I have gotten in several great trail runs- most notably a 12.5 miler at Centennial Cone with my bestie and her pup. It was a fabulous outing that was only marred by me stopping every few miles to piddle and the slow breathless uphills that I had to stop and power hike on. Thankfully she was very patient with me unlike Argos who gleefully ran ahead (traitor).

I have been getting several weight lifting sessions in too. Usually a 3 mile treadmill run followed by either a leg workout or an arm workout. I'm trying to balance them but I'm honestly a leg-workout kinda girl. I love me some burnin' legs. Squats and deadlifts have been my favorites lately. Baby Wildchild seems to enjoy the workouts with no complaints. Before everyone goes all "you're gonna kill your baby" on me just know that I am VERY attentive to my body. I listen and obey, especially with the little bump in there traveling along for the ride AND I've gotten an approving nod from my doc. I would never do anything to compromise her safety...I've gone through way too much to get to this point to jeopardize this. Plus I have Concerned Cowboy watching out for me and eyeballin' my weights. He's adorable. Seriously, he's so supportive and loving though I have been told I am not allowed to complain or whine about my pregnancy pains whilst I am able to still run 12.5 miles and squat 115+lbs. His compassion has athletic limitations I'm finding out;)

Oooh! I forgot to mention: Gabriella Belly Belt is amazing for running!!! It keeps the belly from bouncing while running and feels so good. I highly recommend it.

While I am working out I feel wonderful. A little breathless and have to alter my stance to make room for the slowly growing bump, but overall fabulous. However, the next day I'm usually more wiped out than I used to be. Recovery is a b***. I've had no major food aversions but I do love me some fruit. Particularly mangoes, peaches, strawberries, with apples and bananas coming in close second. I have found that whey protein powder tastes funky all of a sudden to me unless heavily disguised in a smoothie.

Other than that, just taking one day at a time, each week making a high-five point. Our anatomy scan is next week and I am beyond excited to see our baby girl. I'm anxious for my bump to actually turn into a pregnant belly.  I think I am finally starting to look a little more preggo than fat.

The other big thing happening:'s addictive to my OCD personality. I have labels on everything!!! I'm purring right now thinking about it.