Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm BACK!!!!!

So I can't promise frequent updates as I'm in full throttle mommy-mode but I'm going to try the best I can to blog on my "down time" (insert hilarious laughter).

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mother. Holy crap I knew I would love it but I didn't realize the extent and depth of the love I feel towards my daughter and my family. I thought long and hard about whether or not to write my birth story and, for now, I am going to let it ride. It's pretty personal and maybe one day I'll share but for now let's just say that everything went haywire but then sorted itself out and turned out perfectly.

On my new journey of motherhood I am learning so many new things and that having a laid back kind of approach works best for us. I'm having a good time laughing at myself, actually, as all the "I'll never do x,y, or z" pre-baby has been tossed to the wind and replaced with "whatever you gotta do". Co-sleeping? yep, doing it (for the record, co-sleeping means in the same room though not necessarily in the same bed. Also, for the record, there's definitely some bed sharing going on some nights). Pacifiers? trying it out due to a very high suck-drive mixed with teething (though she is rejecting them on her own, nothing like a good finger or boob).

I've done a ton of reading all kinds of books- those with the same parenting style I accept and even some with parenting styles I reject. I had no idea there were so many different parenting styles with names associated with them. I don't agree 100% with any single style and I take each book with a grain of salt, picking out helpful tidbits and tossing out the rest. I found I tend to gravitate more towards the attachment parenting style while firmly rejecting the CIO (Cry-It-Out) Method or strict scheduling of feeds/life; aka BabyWise. L-bug is an amazing little girl who fell into a routine on her own and it has been my job to help her follow it without forcing it on her. She consistently gets tired twice a day at the same times and then sleeps in 3-5hr sections of the night, waking to feed with a quick diaper change, and then back off to sleep. There have been a few nights of hourly to two hour waking to feed periods but in all honesty, I am exhausted without even caring that I'm exhausted. She is growing, getting chubby (heavens, those chubby cheeks slay me!), and is an extremely happy, mellow, loveable baby. She goes with the flow.

So, I'll still try to toss in a bunch of independent living and exercise/running posts but for now I shall wallow in motherhood and my adventures enfolding from that. 


mtnrunner2 said...

Yay! Congratulations, folks! "She": Wild Child Jr! :)

Seriously, let me know if you need anything.

WildChildT said...

Haha! Yes! I think from now on I will call her Lil' Wild Child or Lil' WC. Anything?? How about a run sometime soon? I've been starting out slow but I feel great. I've done a few trails under 5 miles by myself and I went for my first hike with baby on my chest. She loved it. I am quite positive she's going to be a runner girl!

mtnrunner2 said...

Good to hear you're getting back out. A run sounds good, but I've got to get over this calf muscle pull, I haven't run in a couple of weeks. 4 straight days in the mountains a couple of weeks ago did it. I just thought it was tight and kept running :\ D'oh!