Saturday, March 7, 2015


I thought I'd never ever ever in my entire life ever feel this way. Growing up in an athletic family, loving to be fit and strong, and always striving to challenge myself, I think I have finally found my match. She's a sub-20 pounder with soft blonde curls and striking blue eyes like her daddy. Yes, my daughter has sucked the living love of exercise out of me. At least temporarily. I crave, and I mean CRAVE to go running my trails again. Those lovely dreamy dirty mountainous trails. Every fiber of my soul craves this. Then my body goes limp and I glance longingly at the quilt on my bed and wish to be tucked under it sleeping. I have no energy beyond taking care of this little bear who demands my attention 24/7 and I absolutely love to give it. We read stories, giggle, play with sensory toys, go on outings to the grocery store, the park, and library and anywhere else she can people watch and interact. We hike (she loves her backpack) and when the sidewalks weren't buried under several feet of snow, we would jog or go for a bike ride towing her Burley D'Lite. With the weather so crazy lately and the buzzing of activity of our latest endeavor (we're buying a house and land in another area of colorado) I have no other time to devote to my fitness. It sucks but I know it is temporary. Pretty soon we'll have our lives resettled and be able to start building up our very own homestead with chickens and maybe even goats and/or a pig or future horse! With the amount of land we will have we have already discussed getting a playmate and fellow protector for our pup. We're leaning towards another GSD or even a Great Dane. There are coyotes, fox (saw tons of fox dens), pronghorns, deer, elk, bear, and mountain lions in our neck of the woods. A second dog will be a must. There's also a deer blind already on our property. Mmmmm venison and elk. Being a mama to L-Bug has been a never ending ultra-marathon, but I'm loving every moment of it. Ok, some more than others. I could do without yesterday's self-discovery of tossing her finger foods over the side of her highchair onto the floor repeatedly. Watching each one drop with a splat (to the dog's wide-eyed amazement) then picking up another parcel, leaning over the high chair, and splatting that one on the floor too. When told a stern, "NO, food is for eating not dropping on the floor" she looks up at me (all doe eyed and stinkin' adorable) and redirects her food from hanging over the edge of her tray to her mouth with a look that says, "I don't know what you are talking about, I'm eating my food mama." Booger. Quite frankly, I'm excited to have a second one and I surely pray that is possible. Hopefully it won't be another 4 months until I blog again my friends....cheers to a brand new start at life. Country living here I come!!!! Ahhh no city noise, stars so bright and clear, no smog, no rush hour traffic, no worries.

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